Interesting Introductions…

My first post – well, I feel like I should do some introducing to start!  Introducing my hopes, why I started this and of course, some of the people who inspired me to blog!  This summer, my school district is participating in the “Summer of Twitter Challenge”, led by Dennis, @gordonshistory (really great resource for Tech and anything – he WILL be on Jeopardy one day).  Being new to Twitter, I was a lurker for a while.  Yet, after participating in many chats, and creating new connections, I am so excited about new prospective ideas for next school year.

In my travels on Twitter, I have met so many other educators and have shared many discussions and ideas.  The sense of community is unbelievable!  Two educators, Rafranz Davis, @RafranzDavis, and Sean Junkins, @sjunkins, inspired me to begin this blog, not just for others, but also to put my thoughts into written words, on which to reflect and become a better educator and better person!

My hopes for this blog? To create entries to catalog my adventures with my 5th graders and, hopefully, help others along the way.

Side note: Fact – Independence Day is my FAVORITE holiday.  Happy Birthday America! 🙂


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